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NC Barbecue Recommendations for Raleigh Newcomers

If you recently moved to Raleigh, get ready, you’re about to be baptized with NC barbecue choices. North Carolina is a barbecue lover’s dream destination, but there are a ton of options. What are some good recommendations to start with? That’s what one Raleigh newcomer asked on our Relocating to Raleigh Facebook Group.

“I want to try the famous NC barbecue. Any recommendations?” 

Let’s kick off our NC barbecue recommendations with a popular choice

Several group members shared Sam Jones Barbecue.


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“Sam Jones downtown Raleigh ain’t no joke! The BBQ is amazing!”

“We stopped there the other day for lunch and was extremely impressed. We’re relocating in June and some good BBQ is very important to us.”

Even Megan from NC Eat & Play chimed in, saying “Sam Jones will be the most authentic eastern NC style you’ll find in the Triangle.”

Another recommendation for barbeque in Raleigh

The Pitt Authentic Barbecue may be the most talked-about choice.


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This one did get a few folks weighing in and seems to be a hot topic for barbecue enthusiasts. Either way, there’s no doubt that it’s on everyone’s list for recommendations.

This member sums it up perfectly.
“I had The Pit when I visited. I went upon very controversial recommendations that had people cursing at each other about whether it was the best or the worst…
I liked it.”

NC Barbecue just outside of Raleigh

Another one that was recommended repeatedly that’s outside of Raleigh, but worth the drive was Stephenson’s Barbecue.

“Stephenson’s BBQ on Highway 50 south of Garner. Been eating there for more than 30 years. Always good.”

“Head towards Benson and go to Stephensons Barbecue.”

“Stephenson’s is FANTASTIC!!! Highly recommend!”

Members also added in these recommendations, including Ole Time Barbecue.

Grillbillies BBQ

Prime Barbecue


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The best part of all of it is that you get to try so many great choices until you find what’s perfect for your tastes.



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