The Graylyn Estate

The Graylyn Estate

We recommend

  • You’ll want to experience everything the estate has to offer- including its dining amenities. The Estate Dining will certainly give you a step back in time to classic dinner service. It was fun to dress up for.
  • Walking through the estate and seeing how well the Gray family took care of their estate is heartwarming.
  • Not that this has to be mentioned, but take lots of pictures for Instagram! Make sure to think about your outfits for the potential pictures. When’s the next chance you’ll have to take photos in a grand castle-like estate without traveling abroad?

Our Experience

The Graylyn Estate is a staycation delight.

Harrison and I got away to Winston-Salem for one last night before the baby comes and Graylyn Estate was the perfect quick babymoon. ⁣

This enchanting estate (or should I say castle?) was built in 1932 in Winston-Salem by the wealthy Gray Family. It has since given guests a chance to escape into its dreamy corridors through overnight stays, weddings, and conferences. The entire estate includes 55 acres, multiple buildings, cottages, and more- all preserve the unique history of this charming home.

We had such a great time exploring the original architecture, decor, and details of this stunning place! Even the rooms are unlocked with real keys, not a card! It’s truly an escape. ⁣

We were hosted in the Gray’s oldest son’s bedroom and it was so cozy. Not to mention the SEVENTEEN head shower!!! The Gray’s knew how to treat themselves. ⁣

The staff all fit the theme, treating every guest like royalty. Truly the kindest hotel staff I’ve ever encountered. ⁣

We carefully researched their safety precautions at this time and I was so impressed with the measures they’re taking.

You can find these on their website and call with any other questions! ⁣

Location info

1900 Reynolda Road. Winston-Salem, NC 27106
Reservations and Dining: 1(800) 472-9596


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