Raleigh Food Trucks: 10+ Triangle Trucks You Need to Try

Delicious restaurants on wheels: is there anything better? Raleigh food trucks are some of the best in the game and I’ve had the immense pleasure of tasting quite a few of them. The passion, art, and skill behind these mobile eateries astounds me and I’m more than happy to share my favorites with you. This list will be ever-growing as I taste more local trucks so if you see that I’ve missed your favorite, please let me know so that I can try it too! Let’s dig in.

Arepa Culture

Arepa Culture is one truck that has made a name for itself in Raleigh. In fact, their success led them to open their first brick and mortar location earlier this year.
Arepa Culture specializes in…you guessed it: arepas. The delicious pockets of white cornmeal (gluten-free eaters say hurray!) are grilled and stuffed with a variety of fresh ingredients and bring a piece of Venezuela straight to your hands!

Arepa Culture NC.

Bo’s Kitchen

Looking for Korean food on wheels? Bo’s Kitchen travels around RTP serving up amazing Korean dishes that are quickly prepared but taste like hours of work. The bulgogi is really flavorful and the mandu can’t be missed!

Bo's Kitchen

Buoy Bowls

I’ve received messages weekly since the beginning of NC Eat & Play begging me to try Buoy Bowls, a truck that whips up açaí bowls using fresh, often locally sourced ingredients. To say they have a cult following is an understatement. Once I finally tried it there was no going back—consider me obsessed. I’ve tried other açaí bowls and so far they all pale in comparison. They make these bowls with straight magic, people.

Buoy bowls

Carnes 504

A permanent food truck lot has taken up residence in Durham close to RTP and it’s such a fun foodie stop. With covered picnic tables and multiple trucks to choose from, we can’t wait to go back. On our first visit we tried Carnes 504, a truck specializing in Honduran grilled meats. We tried the ribs and fried chicken platters which are served with fried plantains or fries, refried beans, pico, and tortillas. It’s delicious, generous in portions, and Harrison, having lived in Honduras for two years in the past, was thrilled to find something authentic and delicious right here in the Triangle!


Curry in a Hurry

Alaksha Surti, a chef who grew up in southern India, is providing NC with a taste of her home and I’m so grateful for it! Curry in a Hurry is both a food truck and a vendor in Morgan Street Food Hall. We love her butter chicken and garlic naan, but something tells me everything on the menu would be delicious!

Curry In A Hurry NC

Gym Tacos

With two Raleigh food trucks and plans for a brick and mortar location this year, Gym Tacos is Raleigh’s top go-to for street tacos. You cannot bring up tacos in the Triangle without people mentioning how delicious Gym Tacos is. The food is authentic, flavorful, and fast–everything you want in a food truck. We’ve tried the tacos and absolutely loved them, and friends tell me that their quesadillas are just as good. Guess we need to make a return trip. See you there?

Gym tacos

Also worthy of noting: our partners at V Pizza NC have a new mobile pizza oven that is available for event bookings. Reach out to them for wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas on wheels!

Las Gringas

You can never have too many street tacos. Thankfully, basically every city in the Triangle has a fantastic one to offer with Las Gringas being an excellent choice for Cary. The al pastor is cooked on a trompo —a spinning top with pork meat topped with a pineapple. The meat gets beautifully charred on the edges and the pineapple juices run down to marinate it. Trompo al pastor is hard to come by and this is the only truck I’ve seen do it. You can taste the difference!

Tacos lasgringas

Mr. A’s Beignets

Mr. A was born and raised in New Orleans where he was introduced to beignets (pronounced Ben-yay). He is now retired and living out his dream of serving these delicious fried dough squares topped with powdered sugar from his truck Mr. A’s Beignets. A little piece of New Orleans right here in the triangle and I’m sure thankful for it! We love these!

Mr. A's Beignets.

Queso Monster

As an avid melty cheese enthusiast, a food truck based on queso is a dream come true. Queso Monster dishes out Mexican favorites in a fun new way. Ever had elote rolled in hot Cheetos? Their creations have made them go viral a few times and they deserve it! We especially love their quesadillas and fresh lemonade.

Queso monster

Tacos el Gordo

Parked outside of El Superica in Wake Forest, Tacos el Gordo serves authentic street tacos, quesadillas, and more. What makes this spot so special in my opinion? The tortillas! These tortillas are clearly made by hand and with true skill. Add the flavorful meats and toppings and you get dishes that are irresistible and special.

Tacos el gordo

Waffee Wagon

Originating in Belgium, liege waffles have pearls of sugar layered into the batter which give the waffles a sweet taste and caramelized texture. Waffee Wagon makes some of the best I’ve ever had. Based in Clayton, they’ve grown a big following of regulars which made it possible for them to open their first brick and mortar location this year. Once you try one of their waffle creations paired with their organic coffee, I guarantee you’ll be a new regular too!


Waves Shave Ice

Perhaps the newest of the Raleigh food trucks: Waves Shave Ice is bringing a fun, colorful concept to the Triangle. These aren’t your average “snow cones.” Every flavor is created using real fruit; no artificial syrups or dyes. You can taste the quality with every bite. Fill your ice with a scoop of their ice cream flavors like coconut, lemon, or strawberry. These are the perfect refreshing treat and a truck that I will be chasing all summer.

waves shave ice


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