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Our Weekend in Maggie Valley NC

If you’re interested in experiencing an authentic, small mountain town in North Carolina, you’ll find that and more in Maggie Valley. A scenic town positioned in the lush Smoky Mountains of western NC, Maggie Valley brings visitors to a simpler, easier-paced destination while still providing plenty of adventure and glorious scenery.

Maggie valley

Maggie Valley boasts delicious local food options and breathtaking views that, when combined, create an experience that you won’t soon forget.

maggie valley sandwich

I visited Maggie Valley for two nights with Harrison and our two children, Dean (2.5 years) and Cameron (3 months). While I was looking forward to this trip, I admit that I was a little worried that there wouldn’t be enough going on to captivate my toddler. Fortunately, there was nothing to worry about and if anything, Maggie Valley provided the perfect reminder that even kids appreciate the chance to escape the hustle of everyday life to move at their own pace, spend time outside, and maybe even visit a candy shop (more on that soon, don’t worry).
Dean Maggie valley

Our Accommodations in Maggie Valley

Our family was hosted at a two-bedroom cabin resort known as Twinbrook Resort. Hidden in the trees, this cozy home ended up being one of our favorite parts of the trip. Our cabin (cabin three) was situated directly in front of a clear, trickling creek in the backyard. We spent hours outside by the fire pit while our son Dean had a blast playing in the shallow water and small rocks.
Maggie valley Twinbrook
Inside, our bedroom had a sliding door with a screen that allowed us to both view and listen to the creek. As if that wasn’t relaxing enough, our bedroom also came with a huge two-person jacuzzi tub. Harrison and I put the kids to bed each night, opened the door to listen to the trickling water, and sat in the jacuzzi jets to unwind.
Maggie valley Twinbrook
I’m sure you’re already convinced to stay at Twinbrook Resort on your trip to Maggie Valley, but one last important detail: even though it feels secluded, it’s two minutes from shopping and dining!

Where to Eat in Maggie Valley

One of my favorite things about small towns is that the famous local establishments have a fierce, loyal following. There are quite a few restaurants in Maggie Valley that are loved by locals and tourists alike and after tasting their food, I can see why!

Joey’s Pancake House

Possibly the most famous restaurant in Maggie Valley, Joey’s Pancake House serves up deliciously fluffy pancakes and other classic breakfast items. Our breakfast here was our favorite meal of the trip and I still catch myself daydreaming about the delectable pancakes we had. We ordered the seasonal stack which included fresh local strawberries as well as the lemon poppy seed topped with blueberry compote. Both dishes were incredible and not a single bite was left on the plate. A bold statement but one that I’ll stand by: some of the best pancakes I’ve ever had!
Joeys pancake house

Bearwaters Brewing Company: Creekside

Bearwaters Brewing Company is a brewery serving up local beers and tasty bites in a location overlooking the rushing creek. The view is lovely, the sounds are comforting, and the flavors are impressive. This restaurant is great for just adults as well as families. It was a fun spot to grab a bite to eat and we loved our giant soft pretzel and burger.
Bearwaters Brewing

Maggie Valley Ice Cream

I am an adamant believer that a vacation is not a vacation without ice cream. We stopped by Maggie Valley Ice Cream after a long day of hiking and it was the perfect refreshing treat. They serve all your typical ice cream creations like sundaes, milkshakes, and cones. The ice cream was excellent!
Maggie valley ice cream

The Valley House

After a long weekend of physical activity, caring for two kids under three, and eating out, we really wanted to relax in our cabin for dinner. The Valley House was around the corner and offers free delivery to Twinbrook Resort. We ordered a Turkey dinner with dressing, mashed potatoes, rolls, and salad. I was so impressed with this meal and could tell that everything was homemade, right down to the dressing on the salad. It was the perfect meal to enjoy as a family in our cozy cabin on our last night in town!
Valley house

Maggie Valley Sandwich Shop

On our hiking day, we picked up sandwiches from Maggie Valley Sandwich Shop and ate them at an overlook along the Blue Ridge Parkway. They were absolutely delicious and made for the perfect mountaintop picnic. We finished with their banana pudding which was equally as delicious!
Maggie valley sandwich shop

What to do in Maggie Valley

Maggie Valley is known for its extraordinary views and stunning landscapes. Within a short drive, you’ll find yourself among some of the most beautiful sights in the state.
A short 15 minute drive will bring you to Soco Falls, a beautiful double waterfall that is easily reached by foot. The overlook is an quick walk from the parking area, or you can get an up close look at the base of the falls if you hike a short but rocky and steep trail using ropes as your guide.
Soco falls
About 30 minutes from Maggie Valley, Waterrock Knob is a perfect destination for visitors of all abilities. The overlook itself provides a stunning view, even without stepping foot on the actual trail. If you’d like to hike, the trail takes you to even more views and is moderately easy.
Waterrock Knob
There’s also plenty of ways to have a fun time without even leaving the little town. Jelly Bellies Mountain Gift is a gift shop and candy store that is stocked with an array of candies, toys, and all the flavors of jelly beans that you could ever want. This may have been my toddler’s favorite stop of the trip and is a must for any visitor, but especially those with children!
Jelly Bellies
Maggie Valley Puzzle Rooms is a fun establishment in town that encourages visitors to work together with their friends to solve puzzles and escape themed rooms. It’s a popular way to fit some adventure into the day without having to put hiking shoes on!
Dale’s Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum is one of the most iconic destinations in Maggie Valley and draws in bike-loving visitors from all over the world. The Museum holds over 300 rare motorcycles and memorabilia.
After a brief weekend in Maggie Valley, we absolutely fell in love with this vibrant mountain town. It gave us a true, authentic experience in the North Carolina Mountains and is a destination that I highly recommend to anyone!
*I was invited, hosted, and compensated by Visit Maggie Valley NC in exchange for this review of my weekend in their unique town. All opinions and experiences are my own.


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