NC Eat and Play's foodie photo tips from Megan

Learn Megan’s foodie photo tips

If there is one question I get more than, “Have you been to this place or that place or can you recommend a place,?” it’s got to be for foodie photo tips.

“Megan, can you tell me how to improve my food pics?”

You guys know I started NC Eat & Play because I wanted to document my food adventures. I didn’t really have a game plan. I just started taking photos and posting. So before I share my tips, please know that taking a photo and sharing it with your friends and followers is what’s most important. Don’t overthink it. Don’t sit and let your food get cold while you try to arrange the perfect plate or create angles. Ideally, you’re there to enjoy your food and dining moment. The chefs and business owners appreciate the extra mention- even if they wished your lighting could have been better. Post and share, when you can. You will learn with each post ways to improve, I promise.

And if you like me, you always want to make things look good. So for the large cost of $0.00, I’m offering my basic foodie photo tips here. I hope it helps bring more pride to your photos.

Foodie Photo Tips with Megan

Here are my foodie photo tips I share with my friends and family.

Quick reminder: You don’t need an expensive camera to take drool-worthy food photos! All of these pictures were taken with an iPhone.

Tip One: Lighting – Indirect natural light is best- next to a window, an overcast day, outdoors in the shade, etc.

Foodie Photo Tip | Lighting

Tip Two: Angles/Placement – Don’t be afraid to play with your food. Pick it up, break it, pour sauce, take a bite, etc.

Foodie Photo Tips | Angles/Placement

  • Avoid being too linear.
  • Tilt the camera.
  • Be willing to cut off some of the dish.
  • Try to fill the screen.

Foodie Photo Tips | Angles and Placement

What’s wrong with the picture on the left? (For helpful criticism- I’d gladly eat both plates.) 

  • It’s a bit boring and basic.
  • Was afraid to cut off any food.
  • A lot of negative space.

What’s good about the picture on the right?

  • Turned for a new, fun angle with more light hitting it.
  • Fills the screen like the food wants to come towards you.

Tip Three: Editing – The only two apps I use to edit are: Snapseed and Lightroom Mobile (both free)

Foodie Photo Tips | Lighting

  • Brighten
  • Increase saturation
  • Keep it natural and accurate
  • Crop
  • Increase clarity/ dehaze

Bonus Tip: Editing – Using Lightroom, the color section-under “mix” allows you to edit specific colors.

Bonus foodie photo tip | editing in Lightroom

  • Mute unappetizing colors (blue is typically unappetizing and shows up in a lot of shadows and highlights).
  • Increase appetizing colors (red, yellow, orange- You know Mcdonald’s has those colors for a reason).


I hope these foodie photo tips helped. Living in North Carolina, there are so many wonderful restaurants, food trucks, bakeries, creameries, and specialty shops to capture. Thanks as always for your support of my photos and coverage. If you’d like to watch me discuss these tips more in-depth, check out my foodie photo tips discussed during a Cheerwine virtual event I hosted in 2020. (Keep in mind, I was still very new to doing these kinds of events, but it’s hopefully not too awkward.)



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