Lake Gaston Pizza

Lake Gaston Pizza & More: Must-Try Restaurant in Littleton

We recommend

  • Pizza is in the title for a reason! With countless flavors, there’s sure to be one you love!
  • Don’t miss Pete’s famous “Hawg wings.” They have incredible flavor and are so tender.
  • Check out the specials for the week! They are constantly changing and are sure to impress.

Our Experience

Lake Gaston Pizza & More is a locally owned restaurant that is making waves in the small lake town of Littleton, NC. Locals and visitors alike are thrilled to have an eatery in town that isn’t a National chain and serves fresh, innovative food.
Lake Gaston Pizza

Lake Gaston is a popular vacation destination in North Carolina.

Lake Gaston is a beautiful lake sprawling across the border of North Carolina and Virginia that is lined with vacation homes bringing in thousands of visitors at any given time. Harrison’s family has been among those visitors for years and I finally had the chance to come along with them to experience a true Lake Gaston vacation.
Lake Gaston
Harrison and his dad, who have both spoken very highly of Lake Gaston Pizza & More, suggested that I try their food and feature them. I was excited to learn about a delicious, local option for meals while on vacation and I knew others would be too.

Meet Pete, the man behind the food.

Pete Richardson, the owner of the Lake Gaston restaurant, graciously allowed me to visit and it was immediately apparent how much he loves what he has created in his town. He walked me around his dining room, which he proudly informed me is the biggest one on the Lake, and showed me the numerous awards they have won since opening in 2016.
In addition to making delicious food (which we will get to in a minute), Pete has created a spirit of energy and fun on the water.
Lake Gaston Pizza
Every weekend in the summer, Lake Gaston Pizza & More can be found cruising the water on their “pizza boat” that allows people to drive their boats over to pick up some lunch.
He doesn’t stop there, though! Each year, he throws an impressive party on the lake known as “Lake-A-Palooza” complete with live music, auctions, and fun as a way to raise money for The Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU and Land4Heros.
I had the chance to try out some of what Pete considers his best selling menu items. I shared the meal with Harrison’s family at the lake house overlooking the water and it was such a great reminder that supporting local is just as important on vacation.
lake gaston
We tasted his pizza, wings (including his famous “hawg” wings), and salad. Everything was really delicious and clearly made with quality ingredients. When I asked Pete what he thought made his restaurant so successful, he replied “I give people what they want.” He explained that he enjoys being creative and offering weekly specials to ensure that everyone can find something to love in his restaurant.
lake gaston
Pete was a breath of fresh air— someone that truly loves where he lives and wants to leave it better than he found it. If you’re planning on making your way to Lake Gaston, I recommend checking out Lake Gaston Pizza & More…and don’t skip the “hawg wings!”
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Restaurant info

Good for Lake Gaston, pizza
2463 Eaton Ferry Rd
(252) 586-8086


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