Random Acts of

Kindness with Biscuitville

We couldn’t help but jump at the chance to partner with Biscuitville again for Random Acts of Kindness Week.

Like last year, the goal is to brighten people’s day and spread kindness to wonderful locals, making a difference in our communities.


Biscuitville is a North Carolina southern staple.

Their food always brings Carolinians joy. They not only specialize in comforting, delicious fluffy biscuits but also in giving back to the community. Megan’s favorite menu items are the Spicy Chicken and Honey Biscuit, the Ultimate Bacon Biscuit, and the fresh-baked muffins.

Picking up at Biscuitville

With multiple locations around the state, it’s easy to indulge with a hearty breakfast or lunch. 

2022: Megan & team hit the road to deliver kindness with Biscuitville.



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This year, we’re focusing on thanking educators. Follow along as we thank teachers for helping kids with all abilities at Frankie Lemmon School in Raleigh and celebrate the meaningful work of the International Civil Rights Center & Museum educating locals on the history of the Civil Rights Movement that started in Greensboro.


Quick Bites

Total Biscuits

Country ham biscuits

Sausage biscuits

Locations served (extra acts were shared)



Frankie Lemmon School is a 5-Star, NAEYC accredited child development center that welcomes children ages 3-5 with and without disabilities. The school provides inclusive classrooms and experiences offering all children a sense of belonging, friendships, and an opportunity to reach their full potential.

Greensboro, NC

International Civil Rights Center & Museum

Explore the story of the civil rights struggle in the United States as part of the International Civil Rights Center & Museum’s permanent galleries, The Battlegrounds. This engaging encounter includes captivating audio/video narratives, pictorial, artifacts, video re-enactments, and interactive components.

International Civil Rights Museum

Last year, Biscuitville made kindness a key ingredient and delivered some biscuit-love to locals.


Thanks to their generosity, we made a lot of deserving frontline workers smile and feel appreciated.



It’s February and we didn’t want to miss out on the chance to highlight Black History Month. To celebrate, Biscuitville is honoring three local community leaders, including one of their own Biscuitville team members.

Great place to visit

Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum

Founded in 1902 by Dr. Charlotte Hawkins Brown, Palmer Memorial Institute transformed the lives of more than 2,000 African American students. Today, the campus provides the setting where visitors can explore this unique environment where boys and girls lived and learned during the greater part of the 20th century. The museum links Dr. Brown and Palmer Memorial Institute to the larger themes of African American history, women’s history, social history, and education, emphasizing the contributions African Americans made in North Carolina.
Charlotte Hawkins Brown

IMAGE SOURCES: wikipedia.org | historicsites.nc.gov


“We wholeheartedly want to inspire others to live abundantly local and enjoy all the riches of North Carolina.”

– Megan Nichols

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