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North Carolina Historic Homes Turned into Restaurants

North Carolina historic homes are typically beautifully designed with endless character and fascinating stories. Some people choose to make a home in them, others love to gasp while looking out their car window at them (i.e. ME), while a select few open up the...

V Pizza Brier Creek and Flask Grand Opening | A Recap

It’s been an absolute pleasure to work closely alongside Anthony and Ryan, the owners of V Pizza Cary and the newly opened V Pizza Brier Creek and Flask Cocktail Bar. They are as different as can be and their strengths complement each other in a way that drives...

Hi, I am Megan.


As the proud founder of NC Eat & Play, I want to welcome you to our community. I created this space to help locals discover great food and activities for sensible budgets and everyday play. I’m proud to serve as a Chief Curator and influencer for North Carolinians, where every day, my team and I highlight and celebrate local businesses and establishments in North Carolina.

Like many, I consider my home the center of everything. I live in the greater Raleigh area where many of the food and play stories are naturally covered, but not all. I have a large audience following us from all over the state, and I participate in covering cities and towns far in wide as much as possible.

“We wholeheartedly want to inspire others to live abundantly local and enjoy all the riches of North Carolina.” – Megan Nichols

Megan, founder of NC Eat & Play

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Osha Thai Kitchen & Sushi: Authentic Flavor in Holly Springs

Osha Thai Kitchen & Sushi: Authentic Flavor in Holly Springs

Osha Thai Kitchen & Sushi is one of the most loved Thai restaurants in the Triangle. I hear a lot of differing opinions about restaurants, but Osha is one I had only heard glowing recommendations for. After the countless positive reviews in my inbox, I knew I had to try it for myself and I’m so glad I did!

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Raleigh Newcomers

The Real-Tour Experience sponsored by The W Group.

A Guide to the NC State Fair

A Guide to the NC State Fair

The NC State Fair is an iconic event that is treated like a holiday in North Carolina, bringing joy and excitement to the state for almost two weeks every year since 1853. Presented by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and sponsored by various businesses,...

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