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Battle of the NC Barbecue: Eastern vs Lexington

In North Carolina, barbecue is a noun not a verb. It’s something you chow down on with a side of slaw and some warm hushpuppies. It plays an important part in the history, heritage, family dinner tables and kitchens across the state. But everyone in the state isn’t in...

Camelot Playground: Pinehurst’s Castle-Themed PARK

Pinehurst is home to Camelot Playground, an imagination wonderland that transports children to a medieval fairytale. Camelot Playground is the kind of place I would have been PUMPED to go to as a kid. The wooden castle-themed structures, slides, and obstacles had me...

Top 10 NBA Players from North Carolina

North Carolina is synonymous with great basketball. Some of the top names in the basketball world, both current and former, call North Carolina home. I've already written about the state's basketball culture in articles like "Duke vs. Carolina: What's the Big Deal?"...

Hi, I am Megan.


As the proud founder of NC Eat & Play, I want to welcome you to our community. I created this space to help locals discover great food and activities for sensible budgets and everyday play. I’m proud to serve as a Chief Curator and influencer for North Carolinians, where every day, my team and I highlight and celebrate local businesses and establishments in North Carolina.

Like many, I consider my home the center of everything. I live in the greater Raleigh area where many of the food and play stories are naturally covered, but not all. I have a large audience following us from all over the state, and I participate in covering cities and towns far in wide as much as possible.

“We wholeheartedly want to inspire others to live abundantly local and enjoy all the riches of North Carolina.” – Megan Nichols

Megan, founder of NC Eat & Play
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Fall in North Carolina | Bucket List of Best Things to Do

Fall in North Carolina | Bucket List of Best Things to Do

Fall in North Carolina is a truly special time of year when the state comes alive with vibrant colors, festive food, and the ushering in of long-awaited events. There's a multitude of activities spanning the state from the coast to the mountains that shouldn't be...

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Guide to Wrightsville Beach (Where to Eat, Stay, + Play!)

Guide to Wrightsville Beach (Where to Eat, Stay, + Play!)

Wrightsville Beach is a walkable beach town in North Carolina that breathes life into all those who visit it. Wrightsville is the beach with the shortest travel time from many areas of the state, including Raleigh. That and its proximity to UNCW make it a popular...

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Lake Gaston: A Great Vacation Destination

Lake Gaston: A Great Vacation Destination

I (Harrison) would argue that the lakes are some of the best parts of living in North Carolina, with Lake Gaston being my favorite. Even though there were a few lakes around me growing up, my family always made the one-hour drive from Raleigh to Lake Gaston to get our...

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